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San Martin Titi Monkey Day

What is the Tocon Day?

Día del tocón 2018

"Tocon Day" was born with the idea of generating spaces for participation that put on the agenda the issue of conservation of the emblem species of a region, the San Martín titi monkey, due to the serious threat situation it is experiencing and the little knowledge that the population has about it. In this sense, activities of different kinds are proposed, mainly academic, artistic and cultural, that allow us to reach more people with the message of conservation and motivate a change in attitudes, greater identification and revaluation of the species with the local population, whose role is essential to achieve its preservation.

The first "Tocon Day" was celebrated in August 2018 and featured activities for an entire week. The objective is to position the festival and legitimize it politically and legally to achieve greater involvement of authorities and citizen participation in each edition.

Thank you for helping us preserve!

What We Do?