Environmental Communication and Education

One of the results of visiting more than 300 localities was the recommendation to urgently implement an environmental education program, in order to raise awareness among the local population of the factors threatening the survival of the San Martin titi monkey.

Currently the Environmental Education team has different activities for different types of public. Many of these activities have the direct participation of an extensive network of national and international environmental volunteers.

  • To educate the local population on the sustainable use of the natural resources of San Martin.
  • To stimulate the conservation of the natural habitat of the San Martin titi monkey and the other animals of the region.
  • To promote good environmental practices of the populations living near protected areas.
  • To guarantee the sustainable development of the population.
  • To increase the necessary knowledge on the conservation of biodiversity.
  • To provide teachers and conservation associations the necessary tools for the development environmental education projects.

What do we do in this area?

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