The San Martin titi monkey
Why protect this species?

Endemic and endangered. Altitude, relief and rivers have restricted the distribution of the species to the middle part of the San Martin region in Peru. Its survival is in danger due to the accelerated destruction and change of its habitat.

The extinction of the San Martin titi monkey can drastically change the functioning of the whole ecosystem, compromising the lives of other animal species. To conserve the titi monkeys we need to be able to understand phenomena such as predation, social evolution, demographic adaptations and their integration in the maintenance of ecosystem services.

We must ensure that future human generations also know of their existence and treaseure the potential benefits the titi monkeys can bring to local communities.

Practicantes, tesistas, pasantes y más.

We are all titi monkeys!
PMT Team

Proyecto Mono Tocón (PMT) is a non-profit Peruvian non-profit organization whose purpose is the conservation of the biodiversity of Peru, with a particular focus on the conservation of the San Martin titi monkey Plecturocebus oenanthe and its natural habitat.

The PMT team consists of steering committee and an executive team. The steering committee is represented by director Jan Vermeer, who analysis the strategic and annual work plans for approval. The executive team of Proyecto Mono Tocón is composed of young Peruvians who receive guidance of the steering committee and technical advisors. The creation of a multidisciplinary group made up of biologists, environmental engineers, communicators and conservation managers allows us to have the necessary tools to deal with local environmental problems.

Also, we accommodating a motivated group of volunteers, thesis students or pre-professional trainees, so we help to build the foundation for the future conservation community of the San Martin region.

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